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Анкета пользователя: Dmitrius the Intergalactic traveler

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Имя:Dmitrius the Intergalactic traveler
Город:Cliffside Park
цель брак
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:70 - 79 кг
О себе:Let me tell you my story. What really happened with me is not appropriate to tell here due to the considerations of privacy. But if I described a feeling I felt after happening of an accident that turned my life upside down using allegory, I would say that the feeling I experienced was the same as that an alien from Andromeda would experience if he survived his spaceship’s crash which happened with him while his spaceship was making attempt to land on planet Earth. After the accident of cosmic proportions, whatever it was, I felt great deal of anxiety due to the accident. The feeling of anxiety I felt was the same as that experienced by the above-mentioned alien while he was anxiously waiting for a spaceship to arrive from his planet in the galaxy of Andromeda on planet Earth to pick him up and bring him home. Feeling anxious after surviving my accident I decided to study culture and civilization of earthlings to distract myself from thinking anxious thoughts. While I was studying the outstanding art of earthlings shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York I fell in love with depictions of female earthlings in various paintings and sculptures of famous sculptors and artists exhibited at the museum. I decided to try my luck at dating a female earthling in order to learn more about them. Dating a female earthling is unknown frontier for me but I’m not afraid because I am used to fighting at various frontiers throughout my life. If you, a girl or a woman reading this ad, decided to pursue relationship with me, I could end up being either source of your greatest joy or source of your biggest disappointment. But if you’re wise you should know that all disappointments are destined to come to an end in our lifetime no matter how big they seem to be which is true, I must admit, of joys too. Do you have courage it takes to overcome your fear of unknown and make a step in unknown direction into unknown territory as I did by writing this ad? If you do, the next move is yours. Waiting on you to answer this ad. If you need temporary escape from your boring everyday routine or tired of moderately bad state of your affairs, then time has come to fundamentally change your life. Take the step into unknown that I am asking you to take by answering this ad because only by stepping into unknown you can seriously, for better or worse, change your life. Do you know how to take step into unknown? Close your eyes and with your eyes closed make a step into unknown toward unknown fate which might happen to be much better than the moderately bad fate you have right now, at this very moment. In fact, there are more chances that your moderately bad fate will become better than worse after you act on your decision to go on a date with me because if you move on the imaginary scale with extremely good fate on one end and extremely bad fate on the other end from moderately bad fate in the direction of improvement of your fate there are following fates on the scale: average fate, moderately good fate, and extremely good fate. But if you move on the imaginary scale from moderately bad fate in the opposite direction there is only extremely bad fate. As you can see, given every chance has equal probability of happening, there are more chances for your moderately bad fate to improve in the direction of improvement of your fate than to become worse in the direction of worsening of your fate after you step into unknown. Therefore, although, I acknowledge, there is certain amount of risk involved associated with trying to establish relationship with me (I might be scoundrel, fraud, and dishonest person) you should remember when making decision on whether to answer this ad or not, that it is only those who risk, drink champagne, and not otherwise.

Дата:05 Декабрь, 2017
Рейтинг анкеты:Оценок нет
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