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Анкета пользователя: saniks

Рейтинг фотографий: 2
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цель любовь
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:50 - 59 кг
О себе:On this site people still photo and add name SVETA LANA Victoria or others names and present with a bad profiles!!!!!! SHAME on this site and when I even removed my profile and still that fake profies come out, so I decide leave my real profile! up they real face, so if they have guts to show themselves why they didn not add they own pictures! with they own organs and arts of they body???!! Low grounded people....shameless... Smart, attractive, sexy, well educated looking for bonding relations for a man with attractive personality, educated, stable and independent , active healthy life style. Loving sport, gym and any kind of excise s i want share everything, but specially be loved and love some one. Life really short lets stop trying and start live, somewhere where we can be happy in love....

Дата:18 Январь, 2021
Рейтинг анкеты:7.0
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