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Анкета пользователя: Lina Beatrice

Рейтинг фотографий: 1
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Имя:Lina Beatrice
цель брак
длительные отношения
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:70 - 79 кг
О себе:How do I describe myself ? Two wonderful European personality  'Swedish/Hungarian. Born with few disability challenges (Hearing loss and deaf ) But I boost lots of confidence. I am fun, honest, sexy, energetic, wonderful cook and homemaker, hot, intelligent, encouraging, I could go on and on and they are all true. But lets be honest, I'm a great woman who has been around the block and learned many lessons in life through the wonderful years God has blessed me with. My life has always been wrapped around working and helping the needy . I still love being with children, but cherish my time alone or with adult companionship..... I believe all relationships need constant nurturing, from both sides, in order to grow and develop. This takes time and effort, and I am more than willing to contribute my share.. I have plans moving to Georgia someday , Right now job takes me places. I am open to meeting as long as we comfortable and sure about it. My work doesn't affect my private time. I seek a mature Serious Minded Man of Integrity, Polite, Intelligent about many things. Most of all Playful Silly and a Tease, Who enjoy laughing. Someone willing to share life and see Things in more vividly perspective ways. But also secure enough to go off and enjoy time doing what he Enjoys, while I do the same. I want him to be secure in who he is and what he believes in, but be flexible enough to change and listen to others ideas. Work ethic is welcome. Thats a big Plus", But someone willing to Understand Life is Worth Living, and go off on great vacations often. I seem to have way lots of communication problems in few past relationships and thats due to my disability Status. However I tried as much to meet up my end of it all. This I believe we can work out. If interested, drop me a line. You may have inferred that I can be a bit "wordy",Sorry about that! Thanks for reading. 

Дата:29 Май, 2021
Рейтинг анкеты:3.0
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