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Анкета пользователя: Short story «Smart beggar» written by dymok (дымок)

Рейтинг фотографий: 1
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Имя:Short story «Smart beggar» written by dymok (дымок)
Штат:Маршалловы острова
цель брак
Рост:1 м и менее
Вес:40 - 44 кг
О себе:A beggar approached a passerby on the street and says to him:"Sir, I am dying from hunger. Could you give me spare change to spend on food?" The passerby says: "Are you a Republican or crazy?" "I am crazy Republican, sir." The passerby continues:"What is your position on abortion? Are you pro-life or pro-death?" "How can I be pro-death, sir? If someone did nothing wrong to me how can I hate that person for being alive. I am not G-d. I don’t have the power of granting life, therefore I don’t have the right to take it away from someone for whatever reason." "Do you think that great people of this great country deserved to have the G-d given right to own firearms, which they should obtain only if they can prove their sanity, guaranteed to them by the Second amendment in order to defend with firearms themselves and their close ones when they have reason to think that their lives or lives of their close ones is in danger?" "Of course they did, sir. If you said that they are great people, they deserved to have that right." "Do you think that immigrants crossing our southern border illegally will be law-abiding citizens if the first thing they did when they came to this country is to violate its immigration laws, and will they be able in future to resist the temptation to violate a law of this country if abiding by the law contradicts their own self-interest?" "Sir, the answer to your question is in your question. They will never be law-abiding citizens." "If you’re a Republican, a pro-life, pro-guns, and against the right of immigrants to cross our southern border illegally guy, how can I give you some spare change if I have nothing in common with you? I have opposite views from the views that you have on the above-mentioned controversial issues." "Sir, have you ever suffered in the past?" "Of course, I have." "In that case you’ve been in my shoes because you’re seeing in front of you a suffering human being." "You know what. I think we have something in common. I’ll give you some spare change. How much do you need?" "Thank you, sir. I need at least $300,000 to buy a decent apartment. I am kidding, sir. All I need at the present moment is 5 bucks to buy cup of coffee and donut in a Dunkin Donuts." The passerby gave him 5 bucks. The beggar thanked him, and they parted their ways.

Дата:16 Май, 2023
Рейтинг анкеты:1.0
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