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Анкета пользователя: Spiritualist and Libertarian

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Имя:Spiritualist and Libertarian
Город:Cliffside Park
цель брак
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:80 - 89 кг
О себе:I am a guy who values spiritual pleasures more than physical pleasures. If I had to make choice between the two choices, being spiritual but hungry or being fed but uncultivated like swine, I would choose the former because from my own experience I know that when I choose the latter state my self-esteem goes down due to the qualms of conscience that I experience every time I choose to act like swine. The suffering caused by the qualms of conscience is always much greater than the suffering caused by the pangs of hunger. I try to eat, drink, sleep, or engage in sex only when I feel that I need to do these activities in order to maintain the energy level in my body sufficient enough to survive, not when I want to experience pleasure. Sometimes, when I feel extremely bad, I diverge from my philosophy but it happens rarely. I am a Libertarian. Libertarians believe that no entity such as one’s state or employer should coercively influence the way the person is living his/her life. Only person himself/herself should decide how he should live his/her life. He is responsible for his chosen way of life before his conscience. Only when a person’s way of life limits other person’s ability to live his life as he thinks he ought to live it based on his conscience should the state interfere with the coercive person’s right to live his life as he thinks he ought to. According to Libertarians, government’s size should be kept as small as possible, and it should not interfere in economic activities of its citizens. I consider myself to be conservative. As a conservative guy, I find pornography to be repugnant, and therefore I avoid watching it. I respect in a woman modesty, spirituality, sincerity, chastity, and adherence to the Old Testament code of morality.

Дата:14 Ноябрь, 2019
Рейтинг анкеты:4.0
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