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Анкета пользователя: Preacher who practices what he preaches in his sermon in the ad, caveman San Sanych Ogurchik

Рейтинг фотографий: 1
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Имя:Preacher who practices what he preaches in his sermon in the ad, caveman San Sanych Ogurchik
Город:Cliffside Park
цель брак
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:80 - 89 кг
О себе:I have plenty of time for thinking in my cave. While I was thinking about something wing of a passing by angel touched my head, my eyes were open, and I discovered following law which I want to share with anyone who reads my ad. If a man does a good action and the effects of the action take root, sprout a shoot, and the shoot survives in our cruel, unstable, volatile, and unpredictable world and becomes sapling (young tree) whose survival depends on man's subsequent behavior, i.e. it will survive if effects of the good action will not not be undone by man's subsequent actions, and they, the effects, become causes of good actions done by other people, given the man didn't do the good action for the sake of improvement of his status quo, i.e. the action was selfless, and given G-d is Just Being i.e. He punishes those who do evil and rewards those who do good in afterlife or in the earthly life the good action of man will not be ignored by G-d and may be in this life but definitely in afterlife the man will reap rewards brought by the good action he did in his earthly life.

Дата:23 Июнь, 2017
Рейтинг анкеты:4.0
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