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Анкета пользователя: Gaius Dmitricus Judaeus

Рейтинг фотографий: 2
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Имя:Gaius Dmitricus Judaeus
Город:Cliffside Park
цель брак
Рост:170 см - 179 см
Вес:80 - 89 кг
О себе:My name is Gaius Dmitricus Judaeus (Judaeus means Jew in Latin, official language of Roman Empire). I am a free man who out of interest enrolled in one of the gladiatorial schools of Rome. Tomorrow I am going to fight with one of my classmates, a gladiator like me, at the arena of Colosseum before blood-thirsty crowd and Roman Emperor among my spectators. If I am lucky to survive the first fight, my next fight will be fought against hungry lions.You're, probably, thinking I am delusional based on what you've just read but I am not because there's no big difference between my future profession and the profession of gladiator of ancient Rome. I am a future HVAC (eitch-vak) guy, the guy you think about every time your air-conditioning or heating breaks down. I am the guy who makes sure your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Dealing with the angry customers whose air-conditioning unit is not working or with owners of grocery shops whose produce might be thrown out to dumpster if the refrigeration is not fixed or with competition of the HVAC guys from other HVAC companies on daily basis is like fighting against hungry lions and other gladiators at the arena of Colosseum. Just as I am a simple man so are my dreams. I dream about learning Hebrew, language of my people; becoming knowledgeable in Torah; becoming proficient in the HVAC field; finding Russian - or English - speaking Jewish girl with beautiful personality which is the main reason why I am here; and visiting Italy one day as a tourist.

Дата:18 Август, 2017
Рейтинг анкеты:4.0
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